What Is TAKA

TAKA is a news search engine that extracts, filters, and analyzes the news related to Arab countries that matter to you.

Taka Teams

Four teams are working on Taka to offer the best support to our clients and keep TAKA up to date

Development Team

Monitoring Team

Sources Database Management Team

Support Team

Taka Services

Browsing News

  • 3000+ Sources
  • Hot News
  • Save News
  • Set Favorite Sources
  • Sort By Categories

Sort By Categories

  • Add Keywords
  • Filter Results 
  • Daily Monitoring
  • Manual Tracking for Sources
  • 40,000+ News Daily

NEWS Analysis

  • Comparative Analysis
  • Performance Analysis
  • Customized Analysis
  • Different Formats (Email, Excel Files, Diagrams ...)
  • Scheduled Analysis

Our Clients