Real Time News Monitoring & Search Engine

Information is main part of any organization.
Any organization needs to know

What are people talking about you?

How do people evaluate your products and services?

What are the competitors doing?

How is the market changing?

Data is getting larger and larger in size

it has become necessary for each person or company to know what happens around the world to behave properly and to respond to global events around him.

On the other hand, most of these events news come from the internet, where 90% of these news and other different data was documented in the last two years because that internet provides an easy access to many news sources

But with this huge amount of information It is not easy to obtain reliable information,

In a short word, the problem can be summarized in the following points.

Problem and Solution

No one can read all of these news in a day.

Everybody wants to read the news that interests him.

Many of the information sources are unreliable.

TAKA is the answer to all
It offers an automated solution