Keep up with all the news about the world in one place

To monitor the truth by yourself,

TAKA helps you to analyze the statistics to help your decision making

We believe that it is very necessary to have a tool that collects news then filters, summarizes and analyzes them to extract important conclusion for each person. And that's exactly what TAKA does, where TAKA aggregates the news for you that are from sources you trust and relevant to your interest. Get All Features In The Full Version

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3 simple steps


Insert your keywords and set your sources


Read the news that is organized in a list and ordered by your preference


Get all the info & the charts that you need to make your decisions

For Whom Is TAKA

Individuals: For a better understanding of the news by aggregations. Focus on what is important.

Organizations:Evaluate their PR performance. Monitoring the related news.

Journalists:Understanding the whole image of news.Getting feeds about the recent news related to his/her interests.

Newspapers and Magazines:Understanding their market and evaluate their performance